Ad Industry Launches Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media

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The Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media has been formed to address Google and Apple’s recent decision to limit user tracking and targeting capabilities. The initiative is formed by advertisers, agencies, publishers, ad tech firms, and trade organizations.

The takeaways:
  • The main aim of the organization is to “advance and protect” core functionalities such as personalized ads and data analytics for the digital media and advertising industries. A strong emphasis is also placed on “safeguarding privacy and improving the consumer experience”.
  • The elements of the initiative include Business Practices; Technical Standards; Privacy, Policy, and Legal Considerations; and Communications & Education, to be tackled by each working group.
  • “The Partnership was created to serve as a collaborative forum for our industry to ensure addressability standards that preserve privacy, provide a consistent and effective framework for advertisers, and enrich the consumer experience” – Bill Tucker, Executive Director of the new partnership.

Google and Apple, have changed cookies, browsers, and operating systems rules around ad tracking and tracing in apps and websites. The media industry has grown frustrated with the lack of representation in key decisions.

Who’s in the club: 
  • Ad Tech: Adobe, MediaMath, The Trade Desk
  • Advertisers: Ford, General Motors, IBM, Procter & Gamble, Unilever
  • Agencies: UM (an IPG Mediabrands company), Publicis Media
  • Publishers: NBC Universal
  • Trade organizations: 4A’s, Association of National Advertisers/ANA, Interactive Advertising Bureau, IAB Tech Lab, Network Advertising Initiative, World Federation of Advertisers

Google and Apple are noticeable absentees from the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media and have purposefully not yet been invited to join the partnership.

  • “We plan to invite both companies to work with the Partnership around constructive solutions to these addressability challenges, but the Partnership needed to formalize its mission and participants before initiating that dialogue,” a spokesperson told Media Post.

Founding principles:

  • Consumer privacy will remain fundamental while giving digital medial brands the tools to understand customer preferences.
  • Consumers should be able to have a variety of content offerings including those using advertising models.
  • Operations including ad targeting, campaign management, analytics, attribution, etc. should be sufficiently supported and improved upon.
  • Solutions should be standardized across browsers, devices, and platforms with clear standards for privacy, accountability, and enforcement of violations.

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