Google Adds New Capabilities For Audio Ad Buying in Ad Manager

Valery Sharifulin TASS via Getty Images

Google launched a beta version of its new audio Ad Manager offering on Thursday. The tools will assist advertisers to create ads on platforms such as Pandora, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

The takeaways:

  • The tools will be available via Google’s Display and Video 360 program, which will have capabilities to run audio ads across multiple platforms. Marketers will be able to distinguish between podcasts, radio and music.
  • In 2018, Google first launched programmatic audio buying through its demand-side-platform DoubleClick. Advertisers were able to view audio campaigns alongside display and video to enable direct comparisons.
  • The IAB announced this week that podcasting revenue is set to top $1 billion, up 14.7% to 2019. This growth is a strong signal that programmatic audio inventory is increasing.

“We’ve seen an increase in publishers making their digital audio inventory available in Ad Manager and embracing programmatic as part of that strategy,” Product manager for Google Ad Manager Carol Walport said.

Convenience is too appealing: Google’s ability to offer all ad-buying capabilities has made it the preferred destination for platforms.

  • TuneIn currently works with AdsWizz, owned by Pandora, for programmatic audio monetization, though they are drawn to GAM so it can run all of its programmatic sales out of a central platform.
  • Several small businesses will likely adopt DV360 for audio transactions it offers efficiencies and capabilities expected of “mature programmatic channels”.

The core features: Advertisers will gain access to metrics via the audio Ad Manager such as ad recall, awareness, purchase intent, etc to better understand how their brand is performing. Insights into the campaign’s performance will be available within the first 7 days of the campaign.

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