New WordPress AMP Plugin Available For Beta Testing

Via Stephen Phillips

The Takeaways:

  • AMP Project announced yesterday that the new v2.0 beta version of the AMP plugin for WordPress is available for testing.
  • The plugin will provide; more intuitive onboarding wizard, mobile redirection to the AMP version of the site, better error handling of incompatible plugins with amp, and more customization for site branding.
  • The stable version of v2.0 is set to be released on August 15th.

The Features

Expanded Reader Mode enables full-site coverage compared to singular posts and pages as in legacy Reader mode. Templates and design variations are available to match your brand, and WordPress features like nav menus, custom logo, and comments are also supported.

Onboarding Wizard and revamped Settings Screen make the configuration of the three template modes (Standard, Transitional, Reader) simpler while recommending which mode which may be best suited based on the site and user’s technical ability.

Plugin Suppression provides administrators with a new option for how to deal with plugins that cause validation errors by turning off select plugins when generating AMP pages.

Mobile Redirection to the AMP version of the mobile version of the site

Improved Developer Tools allows validation to be turned off for users who don’t want it and improving validation workflow for users who do

Constantly Adapting

WordPress is now the most dominant CMS on the market — standing far above the competition with 61.8% of the market share. Earlier this month, Google announced a public beta of its new Web Stories WordPress plugin.

Web Stories is a custom editor for creating AMP-powered stories within WordPress. The aim is to provide visually-rich stories through a mobile-focused format.


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