Six digital advertising trends gaining momentum in 2023

Digital advertising trends
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When it comes to creating and supporting effective advertising strategies, publishers need to be proactive in taking on the new technologies driving digital advertising trends. Writing for INMA, the association’s advertising initiative lead Mark Challinor has spotlighted a number of developments that publishers and advertisers should be paying attention to this year.

Social impact strategies
Brand values are nothing new, but putting them ‘out there’ as part of a social impact strategy underlines a shift in how brands are responding to global movements. Challinor says, In 2023, consumers want brands to ‘take authenticity and mindfulness seriously’, and are attracted to whose values align with their own.

In terms of digital advertising, to be a values-led company content, from images to e-mail, should be influenced by a social impact strategy.

Youth-centered advertising
Challinor says, rather than seeing Gen Z as the “next generation” publishers and advertisers should see them as the “now” generation, with serious purchasing power. He describes them as trailblazers in how they view and interact with brands. Frequenting youth-led platforms like TikTok, they ‘see through’ traditional advertising ploys and connect only with the brands that authentically align  with their interests.

Gen Zs want companies to be honest, transparent, down-to-earth and authentic. The publishers and advertisers targeting them need to match their advertising with these unique tastes.

Authentic, branded content
In the challenging times we live in, humour, vulnerability and honesty can help build brand loyalty. The use of characters or mascots in digital advertising campaigns, so long as they are relevant, can introduce ‘fun and friendly’ faces that audiences can relate to.

Challinor points out that consumers are looking to connect with brands on a more personal, meaningful level, focusing perhaps on realism rather than aspiration.

Audio advertising
TikTok has had a huge impact on the world of digital advertising, but it is not just in short-form video; TikTok is also a platform for audio-based content. Add in podcasts and audio has become a key part of many people’s media consumption. Whether it’s on a podcast or TikTok, finding the right voice to deliver promotional messages is key for audiences to believe in and trust your brand.

Interactive advertising
Customer expectations mean that it is often not enough to rely on static digital advertising. As increasingly sophisticated technology becomes ubiquitous, publishers and advertisers are going the extra mile to get attention. This focuses on interactive microsites or apps that will entertain users. Gamification is a popular way to encourage audiences to engage with content and to deliver targeted calls to action.

Realistic influencing
How publishers and advertisers work with influencers is constantly changing. Expect 2023 to bring a move away from the classic, perfectly curated, influencer feed. Audiences are more skeptical of paid ads with high-profile celebrity influencers and are turning instead to people they see as more trustworthy, often each other. The smallest followings can have a big impact if the content is fully aligned brand values.

Chalinor’s conclusion is that paying attention to these digital advertising trends will help publishers get closer to advertisers and agencies. Being in the know will gain trust, support a consultative sell and drive revenues.

Just make sure every digital advertising campaign you create for your advertisers or adapt on their behalf in 2023 feels authentic, engaging, and as relatable as possible to the targeted audience.

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