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There have been concerns that, under the pressure of the day-to-day challenges of revenue generation and content creation, smaller publishers are avoiding experimenting with AI for fear of wasting precious resources. But a recent article from The Fix has highlighted a range of AI tools that can contribute to a publisher’s bottom line by saving time and money.

AI Resources

According to Bohuslav Romanenko, writing on the media industry website The Fix, the AI tools available for use by journalists are getting better quickly.

He says individuals and publishing operations can improve their efficiency using AI and has produced  a list of AI-powered tools for writers, editors and social media managers to amplify content, produce or enhance visuals, or generate audio versions of text articles.

The Hemingway app helps writers make their writing ‘bold and clear’. It provides a writing and editing environment that uses AI to identify common writing errors. These include lengthy and confusing sentences, weak adverbs and excessive use of the passive voice. The online editor is free; a paid version is available for Mac and Windows.

Google Translate is the go-to automated translation service. But German startup DeepL is competing with the claim that it is “the world’s most accurate translator”. Its translation service – handling 29 languages – is free online but with usage limits. Paid versions, billed monthly, deliver unlimited translations and enhancements including custom glossaries.

Quillbot’s Paraphraser is a writing tool used to rewrite content. In the free version, users can choose from two settings that determine how close to the original text the rework will be.The paid version has five complexity settings and will paraphrase text longer than the 125-word limit that users get for free.

CopyAI is an AI content generator that promises to banish blank pages.  Working around a series of templates, it will create content from emails to blog posts using a series of questions that are asked around your chosen subject and tone. While the finished copy might need some work, this is an interesting inspiration driver.

Writesonic does a similar job to CopyAI, automating content generation and supplying ideas. It can help with producing ads, landing pages and product descriptions, but its headline USP is that it will help you write SEO-optimized long-form blog posts in just 15 seconds.

Summari is another SEO focused tool that will convert links into previews and allows users to generate an AI summary of any article online. It’s summaries are not always 100% on point, but it does a decent job of delivering the key points of a text through an intro, headline and bullets.

With publishers investing more in audio, repurposing written content into audio articles is a smart move. BeyondWords offers publishers a range of AI voices that can stress headings and highlight quotations automatically. The free version will convert 30,000 characters per month in one project.

Writesonic’s AI art generator Photosonic is a web-based tool that lets users create images in a range of styles. Working from a detailed user-generated text description, it uses a text-to-image AI model to produce interesting (and sometimes weird) art.

Formerly DALL-E mini, Craiyon delivers original AI art. Ad-funded, the service is free to use and will produce six images for every ‘brief’ you give it. More free form than Photosnic, it helps to include image styles in your keywords.

Beyond content creation

AI tools can help publishers save time and money in content creation, but there are wider implications for the developing technology. uses artificial intelligence to give publishers a complete, real-time view of their performance data.

Displaying revenue, active users, page views and subscription sign ups in one dashboard, AI predictions for future performance enables publishers to make adjustments to editorial strategy on the fly.

Go to and book a demo to find out what AI can do for your publishing business.

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