YouTube Upgrades its Influencer Marketplace with BrandConnect

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The takeaways

  • YouTube is replacing its FameBit self-service influencer marketing platform with BrandConnect on August 1st. 
  • The new platform will better align YouTube personalities with relevant brands, offering tools to increase revenues, maximize reach, and measure campaign results. 
  • The announcement comes as influencer marketing continues to grow, particularly via video platforms.

What happened?

Yesterday, YouTube announced the introduction of BrandConnect, a new version of its FameBit self-service influencer marketplace. The platform aims to make the creation of “authentic and effective” content easier and more profitable for creators and brands alike. This will be based around a business model providing revenue to creators, measurable brand campaigns, and the expansion of audience reach and identification. 

FameBit connects brands and selected YouTube influencers, offering a simple process of posting campaigns that YouTube personalities can pitch for. YouTubers must have at least 25k subscribers to be eligible for BrandConnect. Once qualified, they can sign up directly via YouTube Studio. 

What’s growing?

With BrandConnect, YouTube is expanding on FameBit’s advertising and link-sharing capabilities by promising “unique, industry-first features”. These include insights-based matchmaking tools that lead to branded content deals for eligible YouTube creators. Brands can utilize measurable digital advertising tools such as Brand Interest Lift, Influencer Lift, and “organic view-through conversations”, which show them real-time campaign results and “bring the accountability of digital advertising to branded content campaigns.”

Influencer marketing continues to grow, particularly on video hosting platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, all of which offer similar products aligning creatives with brands. Through BrandConnect, YouTube intends to encourage user loyalty through better deals for creators and better-allowing brands to work with approved influencers for maximum results.

BrandConnect will take over from FameBit on August 1st. FameBit page users will lose connection to its self-service marketplace on July 31st.

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